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Submit an EM map

Please refer to the tips below when uploading a file:
  • It is possible that the EMDB ID already exists in the database. Try to use the search box first.
  • If you benchmark our program, please access the page .

(For the purpose of review, please directly click the Submit button to get the search result,
with the default options provided.)

Step 1 (Representation)

    Contour shape representation:


Step 2 (Query entry)

Enter 4-digit EMDB entry ID:
ID: 1884

Or `

Upload an EM map (.map or .mrc) file (Upload troubleshooting):

An example file.


Recommended contour level: e.g., 3.16


Step 3 (Filter)

 Volume filter:
(The volume of the EM entry in the database is between 0.8 and 1.2
times the volume of the query entry if ON, or else if OFF)
ON     OFF
 Resolution filter:
(The query is only compared against maps in this resolution range.
If both are left blank, no filtering is applied. If only one is
provided, it will be the only restriction imposed)
Min: Max:




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