Supplementary material for paper:

        Stan Luban and Daisuke Kihara. Omics 11(1) in press. (2007) Comparative genomics of small RNAs in bacterial genomes

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SRNA Data Sets


Data Description
README  Summary of methods used, statistics of results obtained, how to read result files below, and other information

Intergenic region sequences

Intergenic region sequences of the 30 genomes used in the study.


Small RNA list sorted by family


Small RNA list sorted by source organism name, resolving those by length


Small RNA list sorted by organism name, resovling those by score

Ecoli Benchmark sRNAs

Set of experimentally verified sRNAs from 3 groups (CBMB, Hebrew, Wisc) used as benchmark (downloadable in Excel format)



Datasets of Experimentally Verified SRNAs

NIH NICHD Cell Biology and Metabolism Branch

Supplemental Material of a paper by Hershberg, Altuvia & Margalit, Nuc. Acid Res. 31: 1813-1820, 2003

E.coli Genome Project by by U. Wisconsin - Madison

Rfam (RNA families) database


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