PFP and ESG New Features

1. [Aug 27 2014] Combined PFP and ESG Interface Available

Now the combined web interface for PFP and ESG is available through here. And user can submit a sequence by using two methods.

2. [June 15 2014] Tracing origin of predicted GO terms

The sequences found during PSI-BLAST search and their contribution is now viewable by clicking the [+] button next to GO term ID in the result page. The dropdown will show each sequence name followed by their contribution score. For example: P08257 50.1%.

3. [Mar 1 2014] GO Term Visualizer

The result page now contains a link to GO term visualization. Visualizer will render the predicted GO terms in a hierarchical structure. User can click and expand the graph to view deeper nodes. There are two different coloring methods:
  • Prediction Probability (Default)

  • Coloring the nodes based on the probability score of the predicted GO terms in the result page.

  • Number of children in a path

  • Coloring the nodes by summing up number of children (predicted GO term nodes) that locate below each node.

4. [Jan 01 2014] GO Term Database Updated

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