Patch-Surfer2.0 Method

Patch-Surfer2.0 is a method used to predict the binding ligand for a protein. The method used the 3 Dimensional Zernike Descriptor (3DZD) and Approximate Patch Position (APP) to describe the features of different patches of the protein pocket. Then retrieve similar pockets in the pocket database based on the similarity of 3DZD and APP between patches of different pockets, so that to predict the binding ligand.

  • Zhu, X. Xiong, Y. and Kihara, D. Large-scale binding ligand prediction by improved patch-based method Patch-Surfer2.0.

  • Wecome To Patch-Surfer 2.0

    A web-based tool for predicting protein binding ligand! It is just a demo version. It would be nice of you to just upload a protein-ligand complex strcuture and we will send you the predicted ligand by email! If you upload a protein-ligand complex, the server will identify the pocket region based on the ligand. If you upload an apo protein, the server will detect the pocket region by LIGSITEcsc program.

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