Software for Predicting and Classifying Protein-Protein Interaction Sites

D. La, M. Kong, W. Hoffman, Y.I. Choi, and D. Kihara. Predicting Permanent and Transient Protein-Protein Interfaces. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 81: 805-818 (2013)

Special Instructions for Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA):
The MSA file you submit must be in the FASTA format and contain the sequence of the PDB structure you supply. Note that the server will not automatically generate the MSA. You must supply sequences that have already been aligned with the method of your choice.

Example Input Files:
As an example, you may use Triosephosphate isomerase: 7TIM.pdb (PDB structure), specify chain 'A', and use PF00121.fasta (family MSA).

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