Evaluation of Function Predictions for Moonlighting Proteins

This page provides the datasets used for evaluation of function predictions for moonlighting proteins. The dataset is a set of  19 moonlighting proteins from Huberts et . al. (2010) with GO  annotations taken for each protein from  Uniprot. The  GO annotations  for the proteins are classified as  in "Function 1", "Function 2" , "Function Common to Both" and "Function Not Clear".

Analysis of this dataset is available in the paper  "Evaluation of Function Predictions for Moonlighting Proteins",  Ishita Khan, Meghana Chitale, Catherine  Rayon and Daisuke Kihara, 


Dataset is available in two excel files, the first file contains the protein names and uniprot ID, the second file contains the current GO annotations for the proteins from Uniprot, functional descrition, and functional classification of the GO terms.

Moonlighting Protein Names and Uniprot ID
Moonlighting Protein Annotations and Functional Classification

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