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  • 1 postdoc position is available. Please see here
  • Xuejiao Kang (CS) joined our lab. Welcome, Xuejiao!
  • Lillian Liu got Best Abstract Award at Undergrad Research Poster Symposium, Purdue University! Congratulations, Lillian!
  • Chao Yuan defended his MS thesis. Congratulations, Chao!
  • Dr. Choi Youn Im, postdoc researcher, joined our lab. Welcome Choi!
  • "Multi-LZerD: Multiple protein docking for asymmetric complexes" by Juan Esquivel-Rodriguez & D. Kihara accepted on Proteins.
  • "Fitting multimeric protein complexes into electron microscopy maps using 3D Zernike descriptors" by Juan Esquivel-Rodriguez & D. Kihara accepted on J. Phys. Chemistry.
  • Ross VerHeul (the PULSe program)started rotation. Welcome!
  • "Formyl-coenzyme A (CoA):oxalate CoA-transferase from the acidophile Acetobacter aceti has a distinctive electrostatic surface and inherent acid stability" by Mullins,Starks, Francois, Sael, Kihara, & Kappock accepted on Protein Science.
  • Juan Esquivel-Rodriguez got the 1st Place Award at the Sigma Xi grad poster competition at Purdue! Congratulations! His poster was on "Macromolecular structure modeling and electron microscopy fitting using 3D Zernike descriptors".


Kihara Bioinformatics Laboratory is always looking for new people to join the lab. Our current list of openings is available here.