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Minimum Spanning Tree based EM map segmentation with Symmetry restraints.
MAINMASTseg directly segment out individual components from EM density map.

Terashi, Genki, Yuki Kagaya, and Daisuke Kihara. "MAINMASTseg: Automated map segmentation method for cryo-EM density maps with symmetry." Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2020).

What is MAINMASTseg?

MAINMAST is a de novo modeling protocol to build an entire protein 3D model directly from near-atomic resolution EM map.

MAINMASTseg is a filly automated EM map segmentation program.

MAINMASTseg protocol

MAINMAST protocol consists of mainly four steps:

(1) Identify local dense points (LDPs) by Mean Shifting Algorithm;

(2) Detect symmetrically equivarent positions in LDPs;

(3) Connect all LDPs by Minimum Spanning Trees (MSTs);

(4) Traceback segmented MSTs to the EM map;