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PrFEcT-Predict is a comprehensive database of computational protein structure models and function predictions for selected genomes. Structure models are generated by comparative modeling and threading methods. Some of the models are downloaded from other databases, and the rest are generated by us using several existing programs. Quality assessment of each predicted structural models are also provided by running various existing quality assessment software. Computational function prediction results for unknown gene products are provided using PFP and ESG algorithms

Computational methods

Model Sources
There are two types of sources for the structure models in EcoliProteins. One type is models from existing databases, another type is models generated by us using protein structure prediction programs.Summary of the sources of models are listed below.

Function Predictions
For proteins that have no reliable function annotations (they are identified by descriptions containing keywords "hypothetical", "putative", "unknown", "uncharacterized", "predicted", "no hits", "codon recognized", "expressed protein", and "conserved protein"), two function prediction programs are run to generate those information.

Model Statistics

Quality Assessment Programs

Quality Scores Summary

PrFEcT-Predict is operated and maintained by the Kihara Lab at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.

Last updated January 17, 2011